Our Begging Tradition

Every day, the “Collecting Sister” goes with her driver to businesses and markets around the greater Toledo, Oregon and Detroit areas in our white “begging van” seeking donations of food, commodities and monetary assistance. Each Sunday, two Little Sisters go to parishes in the Diocese of Toledo with their “begging baskets” making an appeal directly to the faithful.

We also have student collection drives at area High Schools as a way for young people to grow in ways of stewardship and help support our Home. Since we do not have any endowment or investment funds, the Little Sisters of the Poor rely solely on God’s providence to make ends meet.

Following in the footsteps of Saint Jeanne Jugan, we support our elderly poor Residents the same way she did back in 1839, when she opened her home to an elderly blind woman. Like Saint Jeanne Jugan, we believe that if we are faithful to our mission of caring for the elderly poor, God will provide. We are committed to caring for North West Ohio’s low-income elderly for many years to come.

For information about donating items to the Little Sisters, please contact Sr. Margaret at coloregon@littlesistersofthepoor.org.