Meet the Family

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“I’ve lived at Sacred Heart Home for fifteen years. I’ve never been happier. Daily Mass and Communion, chapel doors always open for visits to the Blessed Sacrament, companions that can’t be beat, beautiful environment, caring employees whose sole concern is our needs. I’m single and my immediate family has dwindled to one living sister. Being here, living in the safety of the Home, frees me to give my all to preparing for death. The Resident, Priests and Sisters are a great source of comfort!”

Catherine Neihoff – Apartment Resident

“Life here at Sacred Heart Home means love, protection, people caring about you. It means giving my daughter a life of her own, that she doesn’t have to worry about me. It means having a Christian environment. It means not having to look for friends, you have them right here.”

Ruth Wale – Apartment Resident

“ We feel very secure and safe. We know that the Sisters care very much for all of us. We never feel alone. It means a lot to be able to go to Church without leaving the building. We can even do our own gardening on the grounds.”

“The Sisters treat us very good. The employees also treat us very good and have happy faces when we are in the dining room or when we meet in the hallways. In other words, we have everything we want.”

Rita and Mario Cardone – Apartment Residents

“One day my daughters said they wanted me to visit the Sacred Heart Home and decide if I’d like to live there someday. I was pleased the first time I entered this beautiful home. After living here for 1 year, I feel privilideged and sincerely grateful to call Sacred Heart my Home.”

“I enjoy attending Mass and praying in the beautiful chapel. The Sisters are so helpful and kind. The staff takes very good care of me, 24 hours every day 7 days a week. I appreciate the delicious food prepared and served daily and the people who work so hard keeping every room clean and the grounds so beautiful. I’ve met so many wonderful people and feel part of a very large family.”

Louise Nawrocki – Resident of Lourdes wing

“To me, every Little Sister and everyone involved with the Sacred Heart Home, whether working or living within its walls, makes the Home a little bit of Heaven, right here on earth! God bless you.”

Corinne – daughter of Louise Nawrocki, resident.

“My mother, Lyda Wilhelm, spent the last years of her long life surrounded by the gentle care of the Little Sisters of the Poor, who laughed with her, gave her a sense of dignity, tended to her needs, put up with her foibles and encompassed all in a spirit of the love of Christ. She died at the age of 102.

My physician, who was also hers, advised me to become good friends with the Little Sisters of the Poor, as I have the same genes as my mother. I should be so lucky.”

Fr. Bob Wilhelm, Retired - Senior Status

” I will be forever grateful to the Little Sister of the Poor for taking care of my father, Thaddeus Zak, in the last 18 months of his life (May 1995 - October 1996). It is their mission to care for the elderly poor in a very personal compassionate loving way. Thanks be to God for their continued service to the elderly of NW Ohio”

Fr. Dan Zak, Pastor St. Richard Church, Swanton, Ohio

"When a resident is dying, the Little Sisters take turns keeping a 'round-the-clock vigil at the bedside. The Sisters pray silently or out loud, tell stories, or simply be present to the dying person. This attention to dying residents mirrors the attention they shower upon living residents, without being intrusive."

Fr. Joseph Weigman, Chaplain of Sacred Heart Home